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Sara Harold









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Sara is a kind, older woman who especially likes young folk. She is very generous, and loves her life. Sara knows that she doesn't have much longer to live so she is enjoying her life as well as she can. Her town is Krybur and she loves it. Every morning, she gets up and goes for a walk down to the lake.


Sara Harold was born to Michael and Eve Small in Elsion. She had five brothers and two sisters. Her mother was murdered when Sara was very young and she now only hardly remembers her. Sara's father was a very kind person but didn't have very much money. So Sara didn't have a good education. She was the oldest girl in her family and subsituted for her mother. She cooked the meals, sewed the clothes and took care of her younger siblings. When she was and adult, a young, kind man, named Philip Harold, came along, paid her dowry and married her. Philip lived in Krybur, so that is where she went to live. The loved eachother dearly and got older, but when Sara was fifty nine, Philip got sick and died a few days later. They had no children, so when he died Sara was alone.

Village LifeEdit



  • An old dress that Sara made/wore when she was little
  • A necklace that her father bought her when she was married

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